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Its been a long journey but it was definitely worth the wait, winston has been a great instructor. He doesnt just teach you how to drive, he teaches you how to drive SAFELY!!! and i sure will be using what he taught me out on the road.
Thanks winston 

Justin D'Amico

Great news today Justin D'Amico on his first attempt was successful in passing his Practical Driving Test . It all started back in the month of May . I received a phone call from Justin inquiring about driving lessons . When I asked him for his postcode he told me that he was in Califonia , Wow !" Does Success School Of Motoring regonition reaches as far as America",  I thought . Well it worked out he also lives in England , lucky for some . When I meet Justin for his first lesson , he looked exactly how I imagined, very cool and laid back . We got on very well with our sore backs, with some laughter included . It was a pleasure to train Justin on how to drive safely and properly in England . Keep cool as per usual Justin and drive safely always .