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"I have never been interested in learning to drive.  I have always been close enough to work and transport is great in London. I have never NEEDED to learn. But now, I  have a little boy. He is 9 years old and I hate that I can't take him out wherever,  whenever. I am doing this for him".

Max Meherin

Emergency , emergency , Max Meherin has had his driving test appointment canceled for the 13th December by the test Centre ."Lets see if we can get a test TOMORROW" says Winston  "Hey, is that possible" says Max . Yes after finding out that his test was canceled and knowing that he would be leaving the country for some time , a couple of days after his original date , Max Meherin produced a drive under extreme pressure . After ring the booking office to tell them of his predicament , Max received a 24hr notice test (lucky young man) . This was his only attempt before he says good bye to Britain for a while . Today , sweating buckets , he pass his practical driving test , of course first time . Well done Max , under the conditions . From Success School Of Motoring , good luck for the future and please drive safely where ever you are on this planet.