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A little over a year ago Winston took me from complete beginner to confident driver. It was an emotional, sometimes frustrating time but Winston kept his cool and taught me how to stay calm and slow down. Thanks for the patience and jokes and see you in the gym! (maybe)'.


Claire Sharpe

She finally didn't give up when she threaten to do so many times.Today Miss Claire Sharpe was successful in passing her driving test with only 3 driver faults on her 2nd attempt, excellent. With all the moaning and groaning today it turned into performing a fantastic drive. Well done Claire, drive safely always and keep the language clean when you eventually get on the road. 

Rebecca Smith

Hip hip hooray. Rebecca Smith was successful in her first attempt tackling her practical driving test. Nervous as one can be, she pulled it together when she turned the engine on. Rebecca never gave up the fight to get her Full drivers licence and drive the car of her desire "THE KA". Well done Rebecca. Success School Of Motoring will miss your kind personality to all road users.smiley Keep safe , I know you will and have a good life with my ex Pupil Taylor. 

James McCord Anderson

Today, I can say that Success School Of Motoring can boast, having a pupil at the age of 78 yrs old passing his driving test at first attempt, yes 78 yrs old passing at first attempt ( just in case you misread what was written). 

The school is so proud of the hard work and dedication that Mr James McCord ( Jim ) put in to reach this result. He did not miss an appointment, read what he was supposed to read and passed. Success School Of Motoring is going to miss his Scottish wit and his great knowledge.

Everyone present at the Hither Green test centre was amazed. Has the examiner said when leaving the school car " You are definitely my oldest pass", "Me too" says the instructor. Well done Jim, proud to know you. Drive safely always and keep your eyes on the road.wink    

Eugene Neil

First mum, now the son. Today Eugene Neil was successful on his first attempt at tackling his practical driving test and also being Success School Of Motoring's first pupil to pass the new driving test format. Eugene showed great skill and composure on his test, accumulating with only 3 driver faults. A great pupil, very consistent with his driving lesson appointments, which made him develop his confidence onwards and upwards. Well done Eugene; remember to drive safely always. 

Marni Straughan

Great news Marni Straughan was successful in passing her practical driving test today , with only 3 driver faults . What a character , especially in the mornings when she had a Marni moment when driving (That's what we called it ) . She was already shopping for her , not yet bought , car accessories , that's confidence for you . Success School Of Motoring would like to take this moment in thanking Marni for very interesting lessons as regards to Mini Cab drivers and Motorcyclist , you will not be forgotten . Drive safely always Marni and don't let the "Furry Dice " get in the way .

Rosilda de Paula

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour the little Brazillian star , Rosilda de Paula started her practical driving test . She drove today with guts and determination . She was told to drive like "Pele" the footballer who played for Brazil , as it was her second time around . She was successful with only 1 driver fault . The examiner was even disappointed that she didn't complete a non mistake test , which is rare . Well done Rosilda , Success School Of Motoring has enjoyed your custom . Remember "KEEP LEFT" and drive safely always .

Jodie Webb

Well it all started just over a year ago . I received a text message informing me that this person will pay for the first lesson for my new customer next morning . The person also ask me to sing happy birthday to the new customer , I hadn't meet the new customer as yet . The customer was Jodie Webb who successfully passed her practical driving test on her first attempt . The "Yorkshire Terrier" (Hudderfield fan ) drove with complete control of the car while showing competence .
Success School Of Motoring will miss the laughter , jokes and Zebra Crossings regarding Jodie . Great character . Good luck Jodie , I know you will drive safely in one of those retired Black Cabs .

Samuel Coyne

Mr COOL personified passes his practical driving test with only 3 driver faults, well done Samuel Coyne. Well, it was alright on the day. University student (who just started) pulled out the stops with little practice since starting University.wink Great lad to teach , I will miss the football chatter, Man City fan (Arrrr) and the casual way you are . Drive safely and study hard, not casually. Well done Sam. 

Azariah Reid

She finally clinches the goal. Azariah Reid was successful today passing her practical driving test. After stopping and starting in the three years that she has been a customer of Success School Of Motoring she pulled out a tentative drive. A pleasant person who has a smile every lesson on top of all the difficulties in learning how to drive, it was a proud moment for both parties. The tuition car has a new member now, ( A little teddy bear ) introduced by Miss Reid. Teddy will be going by the name "REIDY". Lets hope Reidy see many more successful candidates. Azariah, drive safely always . Well done.

Fidell Johnson

A truly amazing event happened today when Fidell Johnson was successful in his practical driving test this morning. Success School Of Motoring came across Fidell for the first time when he sat in the back of the tuition car when he was a mere primary school pupil watching his mother take driving lessons, Wow! How time flies. A charming young man with good manners and a determination to do well in his driving lessons. Finally, he reached his goal with only six driver faults. Well done Fidell. Always drive safely and please remember where you put your driver's licence when it is needed.wink