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Hello Winston. I just want to take this time to thank you for your all support, encouragement & everything you've done for me over this period of time. It's been a tough journey and I wouldn't have been able to complete it without you. You kept pushing me, even when I was ready to give up.


Lamara Djalo

An historic day today . Lamara Djalo , after many driving lessons as finally passed her practical driving test at the first attempt . "What a good drive" uttered the examiner , only 5 driver faults . Success School Of Motoring is so proud of the hard work that Lamara had to undergo to achieve today's result . Success SOM will miss her fashion display , her different hair styles and her outrageous comments . Drive safely Lamara for life , well done .  

Hattie Allen

Effort , effort and more effort , that is what Hattie Allen is all about . Today Hattie Allen was successful in her first attempt , passing her practical driving test . Success School Of Motoring has rarely come across such a determined pupil who put in a lot of hard work (Watching Success School Of Motoring YouTube videos and more) to achieve today's result with only one driver fault , WHOOPEE!!! Aided with her lucky yellow Converse trainers the girl did well . Success will miss the laughter of this charismatic person and her famous comment "What have I done , sorry Winston". Well done Hattie and remember to drive safely always.

Oliver Daly

Mother, uncles , godmother and family friends . Oliver Daly is in a long line of friends and family that Success School Of Motoring has successful taught to drive over a 20 years period . He was just a baby when Success taught his mother. Today he passed his practical driving test with only 3 driver faults . The examiner commented " If he has the courage to wear pink trainers on a driving test, he should pass " and of course he did . Well done Oliver , please remember to drive safely always.

William Harding

Today Success School Of Motoring announces that young Master William Harding has been successful in passing his practical driving test , first attempt , WoW ! 

William had been taking driving lessons for the past 4yrs on and off while studying for a Law degree . It has been a long road with roundabouts , parking , reversing and my bad/ good jokes. It has been a pleasure teaching this young man with all the pushing and the occasional kick up the back side and the end product is the result today , well done BILLY . Drive safely always .


Rosie Carpenter

It has been a long long time coming , in fact 2012 yep 2012 . Rosie Carpenter has finally taken her first driving test and passed, fantastic. Success School Of Motoring has had to wait for Rosie to complete her University studies (interval) with a gap year thrown in (interval).Today the French undergraduate passed with " Avec I'habilete d'un professior". Success School Of Motoring will always remember this charismatic person . Please drive safely always. "Bien joue" .

Jenny Rose

Today Jenny Rose a pupil for 3yrs on and off has finally passed , first time with only 4 driver faults. "What took you so long Miss Rose" . This loquacious personality made every lesson enjoyable with many topics besides learning how to drive . Success School Of Motoring is going to miss teaching jenny as well as her well toned vocabulary . Remember to keep calm and drive safely for life Miss Rose , well done . 

Leteefah Brown

WoW !! From little girl watching mum drive in the back seat to young lady passing her practical driving test 14 years later in the front driver's seat , how time flies . Leteefah Brown produced a scintillating drive today to pass her practical driving test . Just like the taste of one of her cakes , it was sweet SUCCESS . Well done Leteefah and remember to drive safely always . Thanks from Success School Of Motoring , it was a pleasure .

Travisha Ebanks

Today an artist produced a work of art . Yep , Travisha Ebanks passed her practical driving test with only 2 driver faults , what a drive . Just like the stroke of a brush , art student Travisha , controlled the car with EASEL, excuse the pun . Success School Of Motoring would like to take this opportunity to thank Travisha Ebanks for her custom and endeavor , well done . Remember to drive safely for life.

Ismael Ido

Santa arrives early for Ismael Ido . Santa granted Mr Ido : concerntration and confidence to pass his practical driving test at his first attempt with only 4 driver faults . Well done that man and merry Christmas to you Santa . Ismael , who was consistant with his driving lessons , reach a good safe driving standard at an above average learning rate , 35 hours . Success School Of Motoring would like to take this opportunity to thank Ismael Ido for his custom . Well done Ismael and always drive safely.

Lauren Hilton

Glory be, at last. Lauren Hilton pupil extraordinaire has finally passed her practical driving test "On a Saturday", at Hither Green, this afternoon on her second attempt with six driver faults . After stopping and starting driving lessons over the years Lauren has finally put her head down and worked hard to achieve today's result. Success School Of Motoring will miss  Lauren Hilton, what a character and will definitely be included in any books written about the history of Success School Of Motoring . Drive safely Lauren and watch out for them Cabs.