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"Winston is a great instructor; very patient, not scared to tell you off, and knows everything about the road. He doesn't beat about the bush, and if you listen to what he tells you, you'll do well. 


Max Meherin

Emergency , emergency , Max Meherin has had his driving test appointment canceled for the 13th December by the test Centre ."Lets see if we can get a test TOMORROW" says Winston  "Hey, is that possible" says Max . Yes after finding out that his test was canceled and knowing that he would be leaving the country for some time , a couple of days after his original date , Max Meherin produced a drive under extreme pressure . After ring the booking office to tell them of his predicament , Max received a 24hr notice test (lucky young man) . This was his only attempt before he says good bye to Britain for a while . Today , sweating buckets , he pass his practical driving test , of course first time . Well done Max , under the conditions . From Success School Of Motoring , good luck for the future and please drive safely where ever you are on this planet.  

Owen Smith

Great event happened today 1/12/2016 Mr Owen Smith aged 64 yrs old passed his practical driving test at his first attempt . Just read that sentence again 64 yrs old , driving test , first attempt . Owen only made 3 driver faults on his test which is remarkable , great effort , not just in the practical test but the hard work he put in with the reading and watching the videos on the Success School Of Motoring website . It has been a pleasure to teach such a determined young man smiley , well done Owen and please drive safely always .

Andre Asher Roach

A fantastic achievement by the one and only Andre Asher Roach. He moved from two wheels to four , learning the hard way . Success School Of Motoring would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Roach for his hard work and custom .

Craig Curley

Great news . Master Craig Curley was successful in passing his practical driving test this morning at Hither Green test centre with only 2 driving faults , what a DUDE .  Let's hope he is as successful with his Masters Degree  In the future . Well done Craig . Always drive safely .

Anna Blair

A great event took place today at precisely 11.02 am this morning . The young lady, who is a trained to sae lives in the swimming pool can now drive for life. Anna Blair at her first attempt pass her practical driving test with only 3 driver faults , Whow ! Success School Of Motoring would like to take this opportunity to thank both Anna and her mother (who also helped) for their custom . Remember to always drive safely


Zade Al-Salim

Easy peasy . Zade Al-Salim walk away with a skillful drive of only one driver fault to become a fully fledged driver . "Good drive" said the examiner . Well done Zade , keep driving safely .

Andreia Costa Dias

The girl who loves chocolate finally cracked it today . Andreia Costa Dias after being let down by several driving instructors passed her practical driving test with only 2 driver faults , what a drive . Miss Costa Dias was very nervous has she entered the lions den but came out fighting . A hard working individual ; she defiantly is, and all that work concluded a pass today . Well done Andreia . Success School Of Motoring will miss the conversations on chocolate. Remember to always drive safely for life.

Lamara Djalo

An historic day today . Lamara Djalo , after many driving lessons as finally passed her practical driving test at the first attempt . "What a good drive" uttered the examiner , only 5 driver faults . Success School Of Motoring is so proud of the hard work that Lamara had to undergo to achieve today's result . Success SOM will miss her fashion display , her different hair styles and her outrageous comments . Drive safely Lamara for life , well done .  

Hattie Allen

Effort , effort and more effort , that is what Hattie Allen is all about . Today Hattie Allen was successful in her first attempt , passing her practical driving test . Success School Of Motoring has rarely come across such a determined pupil who put in a lot of hard work (Watching Success School Of Motoring YouTube videos and more) to achieve today's result with only one driver fault , WHOOPEE!!! Aided with her lucky yellow Converse trainers the girl did well . Success will miss the laughter of this charismatic person and her famous comment "What have I done , sorry Winston". Well done Hattie and remember to drive safely always.

Oliver Daly

Mother, uncles , godmother and family friends . Oliver Daly is in a long line of friends and family that Success School Of Motoring has successful taught to drive over a 20 years period . He was just a baby when Success taught his mother. Today he passed his practical driving test with only 3 driver faults . The examiner commented " If he has the courage to wear pink trainers on a driving test, he should pass " and of course he did . Well done Oliver , please remember to drive safely always.