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"I have never been interested in learning to drive.  I have always been close enough to work and transport is great in London. I have never NEEDED to learn. But now, I  have a little boy. He is 9 years old and I hate that I can't take him out wherever,  whenever. I am doing this for him".


Craig Curley

Great news . Master Craig Curley was successful in passing his practical driving test this morning at Hither Green test centre with only 2 driving faults , what a DUDE .  Let's hope he is as successful with his Masters Degree  In the future . Well done Craig . Always drive safely .

Anna Blair

A great event took place today at precisely 11.02 am this morning . The young lady, who is a trained to sae lives in the swimming pool can now drive for life. Anna Blair at her first attempt pass her practical driving test with only 3 driver faults , Whow ! Success School Of Motoring would like to take this opportunity to thank both Anna and her mother (who also helped) for their custom . Remember to always drive safely


Zade Al-Salim

Easy peasy . Zade Al-Salim walk away with a skillful drive of only one driver fault to become a fully fledged driver . "Good drive" said the examiner . Well done Zade , keep driving safely .

Andreia Costa Dias

The girl who loves chocolate finally cracked it today . Andreia Costa Dias after being let down by several driving instructors passed her practical driving test with only 2 driver faults , what a drive . Miss Costa Dias was very nervous has she entered the lions den but came out fighting . A hard working individual ; she defiantly is, and all that work concluded a pass today . Well done Andreia . Success School Of Motoring will miss the conversations on chocolate. Remember to always drive safely for life.

Lamara Djalo

An historic day today . Lamara Djalo , after many driving lessons as finally passed her practical driving test at the first attempt . "What a good drive" uttered the examiner , only 5 driver faults . Success School Of Motoring is so proud of the hard work that Lamara had to undergo to achieve today's result . Success SOM will miss her fashion display , her different hair styles and her outrageous comments . Drive safely Lamara for life , well done .  

Hattie Allen

Effort , effort and more effort , that is what Hattie Allen is all about . Today Hattie Allen was successful in her first attempt , passing her practical driving test . Success School Of Motoring has rarely come across such a determined pupil who put in a lot of hard work (Watching Success School Of Motoring YouTube videos and more) to achieve today's result with only one driver fault , WHOOPEE!!! Aided with her lucky yellow Converse trainers the girl did well . Success will miss the laughter of this charismatic person and her famous comment "What have I done , sorry Winston". Well done Hattie and remember to drive safely always.

Oliver Daly

Mother, uncles , godmother and family friends . Oliver Daly is in a long line of friends and family that Success School Of Motoring has successful taught to drive over a 20 years period . He was just a baby when Success taught his mother. Today he passed his practical driving test with only 3 driver faults . The examiner commented " If he has the courage to wear pink trainers on a driving test, he should pass " and of course he did . Well done Oliver , please remember to drive safely always.

William Harding

Today Success School Of Motoring announces that young Master William Harding has been successful in passing his practical driving test , first attempt , WoW ! 

William had been taking driving lessons for the past 4yrs on and off while studying for a Law degree . It has been a long road with roundabouts , parking , reversing and my bad/ good jokes. It has been a pleasure teaching this young man with all the pushing and the occasional kick up the back side and the end product is the result today , well done BILLY . Drive safely always .


Rosie Carpenter

It has been a long long time coming , in fact 2012 yep 2012 . Rosie Carpenter has finally taken her first driving test and passed, fantastic. Success School Of Motoring has had to wait for Rosie to complete her University studies (interval) with a gap year thrown in (interval).Today the French undergraduate passed with " Avec I'habilete d'un professior". Success School Of Motoring will always remember this charismatic person . Please drive safely always. "Bien joue" .

Jenny Rose

Today Jenny Rose a pupil for 3yrs on and off has finally passed , first time with only 4 driver faults. "What took you so long Miss Rose" . This loquacious personality made every lesson enjoyable with many topics besides learning how to drive . Success School Of Motoring is going to miss teaching jenny as well as her well toned vocabulary . Remember to keep calm and drive safely for life Miss Rose , well done .