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I started with Winston around December and had to have a break after a motorcycle crash. But once i was back in March, Winston has been enormously patient with me, with my motorcycle mind, he took the time to teach me to drive in a safe manor!

Prices and Services

Driving lessons will always be good value with my driving school. You will definitely get the time you paid for, with my undivided attention: no phone calls during your lessons, no dropping off other students in your time.


  • Special offer for NOVICES ONLY - the first five hours when paid in advance: £99.00
  • Five hours paid in advance: £135.00 
  • Ten hours paid in advance: £270.00
  • My hourly rate for pay as you go lessons: £28.00
  • Hour and Half lesson: £42.00 
  • Two Hours Rate: £56.00

Rates - Intensive Courses

  • 20 hours: £540.00  
  • Driving Test car hire fee: £80.00
  • Pass Plus Hourly Rate : £35.00

Please note: For intensive courses, all prices does not include cost of the Driving Test Car Hire Fee of £80.00.
There must be an assessment lesson before a customer is accepted for an intensive course. We do not want customers to waste their money if they are unable to complete the course.

Gift vouchers are available , Please contact school for more information.

Clients who recommend Success School Of Motoring to their friends & family will get a free lesson as a "Thank You", after the new client has had five hours tuition.