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Prices and Services

Driving lessons will always be good value with my driving school. You will definitely get the time you paid for, with my undivided attention: no phone calls during your lessons, no dropping off other students in your time.


  • Special offer limited to 17-year-old pupils: five hours when paid in advance: £99.00
  • Five hours paid in advance: £145.00 
  • Ten hours paid in advance: £290.00
  • My hourly rate for pay as you go lessons: £30.00
  • Hour and Half lesson: £45.00 
  • Two Hours Rate: £60.00

Rates - Intensive Course.

  • 20 hours: £580.00  
  • Driving Test car hire fee: £80.00
  • Pass Plus Hourly Rate : £35.00

Please note: For intensive course, all prices does not include cost of the Driving Test Car Hire Fee of £80.00.
There must be an assessment lesson before a customer is accepted for the 20 hours intensive course. We do not want customers to waste their money if they are unable to reach the required standard or complete the course.

Gift vouchers are available , Please contact school for more information.

Clients who recommend Success School Of Motoring to their friends & family will get a free lesson as a "Thank You", after the new client has had five hours tuition.