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"I have never been interested in learning to drive.  I have always been close enough to work and transport is great in London. I have never NEEDED to learn. But now, I  have a little boy. He is 9 years old and I hate that I can't take him out wherever,  whenever. I am doing this for him".


As if we managed to get me to pass first time! Can't believe we have come to an end and our divorce is finalized but we had some good memories on the way! I don't think any other instructor would have been able to calm my "crazy personality and nerves" as you say to stop me from panicking on the roads but you did and gave me confidence! Thank you so much for all the laughter, stress and patience you have had with me! and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need with a driver! I know i said i would steal you forever for my driving but because of your fabulous teaching i can finally go out on my own - Thank youuuu Winston it has been fabulous i wish you all the best and pupils whom appreciate your jokes so they do not have to be thrown out the window

Rebecca Smith

Hey there

I couldn't work out how to post it direct on your site so here it is:

Winston. What a man?! He's tolerant, encouraging, entertaining and, above all, an absolute professional. I cannot recommend this driving instructor enough. I was a very cautious driver and Winston really took the time to understand my learning style and tailor my lessons accordingly. I couldn't believe it when I passed first time but Winston had every confidence. And did you know he's the 4th Bee Gee? I didn't until he broke out his rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for a surprise lesson my friends had bought me.

Happy birthday to you too Wince.

Jodie x

Jodie Webb

I have passed my test today thanks to Winston's teaching. I remember my mum learning with Winston when I was younger
and she made sure I also learned with Winston as she said he is the best. When I started I was a beginner and had never driven before, Winston changed my outlook from being a nervous driver (even more nervous to find out he was a Chelsea fan lol) to one who is now confident on the road thanks to his teaching. It has been a wonderful journey and at times frustrating for Winston I can imagine, I will always remember asking me "If I had lead it my right foot" lol. Winston is a fair, firm and fun instructor who makes sure his pupils do the best that they can do, he made me feel welcome and I knew he was also there if I needed anything or had any questions. I would recommend him to anyone. I will miss our and lessons and jokes together and I can not only call him my instructor but also my friend.
Thanks again for everything.

Eugene Neil

Today I passed my driving test, and I have to say Winston is the best guy for the job. Not only does he teach you how to drive but he makes sure you understand it! Like Winston has apps on his iPad (got to love him) that helps consolidate what he just told you. It helps so much!

He makes you feel comfortable in the car, believe me you'll catch the most jokes from him. He's helped me ALOT and I've had my moments, but the best thing about Winston is that he's real with you, if you wanna learn how to drive and drive safely, and make a few jokes on your journey... Success School of Motoring is the one for you!

Ps: Dont think you've got rid of me Winston, coming back for motorway lessons :D

Marni Straughan

I am very very happy that I have just passed my driving test with Winston.

As an experienced driver in Brazil , I had developed bad habits that Winston helped me to correct, which enabled me to drive to the UK standard.. It has been a fun and enjoyable time having lessons with Winston.

He is no longer six packs but now a one pack excellent instructor. I fully recommend him to everyone.

Thank you very much Winston.

Rosilda de Paula

From sitting in the back of the car watching my mum take lessons many years ago to taking lessons of my own with Winston. You haven't changed one bit! Still funny as ever, uplifting and a great instructor! Finally.. finally I've passed, but honestly thank you ever so much for your wise words both on and off the roads. We will keep in touch! Best of luck for the future❤.=

Fidell Johnson


‘I feel very fortunate to have found Winston to instruct me through the dreaded driving lessons that I had put off for 15 years! Having heard horror stories, I was so pleased to have found someone that could create a relaxed and happy environment when behind the wheel. One which (dare I say it) made me actually enjoy driving! Any concerns that I would end up being technically proficient but not able to handle the realities of driving soon dispersed. Winston’s patience and support was second to none and the times that you feel frustrated he will be sure to make you laugh those cares away. Above all I have learnt that you’re never too old to accomplish things in life that you had dismissed. Winston believed that from the start, I took a little longer…’


See you in a few weeks for pass plus! I’ll be in touch when I get myself settled

Victoria Harrison

What can I say!? He is a absolute legend (although I'd never quite admit it to his face). The support and encouragement was continuously there throughout even when I doubt myself - which was practically always. There were so many times I just wanted to quit and I'd say 'Whatever' but for some reason that didn't mean anything to Winston and he just carried on and got the lesson back on track. He doesn't shy away from telling you off and that 'you should know better' but his patience is second to none. I'm honestly so happy I stuck it out, I cannot recommend him enough. As crazy as it sounds I'll miss our lessons! Thank you so much Winston! I hope I've made you proud and I'll be looking out for my chapter when you write you book LOL

Jordanne Joseph

When I called Winston from California, where I am from, I knew right away I had found the right person to prepare me for the driving test. He is quick to make you feel comfortable and a true professional with a gift for teaching. He has an almost intuitive ability to recognize your mistakes before you even make them. He sticks to the principles, doesn’t ridicule or scold you, and gets the main points across. In short, Winston over prepared me. When I got in the car with the examiner to begin my test, I naturally felt a bit nervous, and as I started the car the main symphony theme song from Star Wars came on. I had the force with me.  I couldn’t help but think of Winston making sure the radio was left on in the car just loud enough so that it would not be a distraction and would sooth my nerves. Thank you Winston, you are a great teacher. 

Justin D'Amico

A little over a year ago Winston took me from complete beginner to confident driver. It was an emotional, sometimes frustrating time but Winston kept his cool and taught me how to stay calm and slow down. Thanks for the patience and jokes and see you in the gym! (maybe)'.

Eleanor Rees

Having changed instructors,Winston really helped to restore my confidence.  He is always calm and patient, never shows any form of anger or frustration. Winston is a great teacher and person, definitely recommend!!

Thanks again Winston best of luck in the future!





Mickey Hoang

'It was emotional. Me and Winston had a wicked year together, made it through the snow and dazzling sunshine and I was really thrilled to pass my test today first time. Winston is great teacher and always takes the time to pass on his masses of expertise, usually with some questionable jokes thrown in...! Thank you so much for helping me get over the nerves! P.S Try and avoid the rats in Old Kent Road Tescos in future!'


Maria Rolo

I was delighted to pass my driving test first time! of course I couldn't have
done it without Winston, he is a legend!!! He made something that could have
been so tedious and boring i.e. driving classes, into something pleasant and
enjoyable, now it is over I'm going to miss it actually  :o(

I took this classes during my pregnancy, he was very patient and
understanding, he has so much experience teaching pregnant women that knew
exactly what I was going through and was prepare for my baby brain phase,
hormonal changes and tears. He should consider midwife as his next career!!!

If you want to have fun while learning to drive, come to Success School of

Ana Garcia

I found success driving instructor Winston's teaching to be #1 which got me to pass first time. I  Highly recommend his teaching to any new driver he is a great choice. Thanks Winston

Albert Dixon

"Winston is a great instructor; very patient, not scared to tell you off, and knows everything about the road. He doesn't beat about the bush, and if you listen to what he tells you, you'll do well. 

I started as a nervous driver with little confidence in manoeuvres. However, he coached me to a point where I passed my driving test with 4 minors."

Joseph Emerick

"Winston is a great instructor; very patient, not scared to tell you off, and knows everything about the road. He doesn't beat about the bush, and if you listen to what he tells you, you'll do well. 

I started as a nervous driver with little confidence in manoeuvres. However, he coached me to a point where I passed my driving test with 4 minors."

Joseph Emerick

"Today I passed my driving test and I have to express my gratitude to Winston.

 When I started, I thought I'll take just a few lessons and I'll be ready for the test, but I realised there were a lot of things to polish.  I learned to drive a lot of years ago on the right-hand side and with so many bad I think was double work (or maybe triple!!) for Winston to correct it. He   has been very patient (also when I made the same mistake millions of times!!!) and he always pushing me to do the best and to use my knowledge to be a good driver.

He is an outstanding instructor. Of course, I was a little nervous today, but thanks to all his teaching I went to take my exam feeling very confident of what I learned during my lessons. Thanks a lot, Winston!!!!"

Thanks again!!!

Carolina Castilla

Max Meherin

I have to say I have never had a teacher as patient as Winston, even my schoolteachers struggled to teach me, so I can only imagine the stress Winston went through. I started my first lesson very nervous, I told Winston my main goal was to pass my driving test before I moved to California, with Winston’s help I was able to learn, listen and gain confidence in driving over the next few month. Thankfully, I was able to pass my driving test on the first go! I want to say thank you for your patience, great teachings skills and helping me obtain this life skill. 

Max Meherin
Brilliant news today - thanks for all your help.
"If you want to succeed go with Winston and Success School of Motoring. My theory certificate was running out and I had no idea what school to go with. I went on-line and found Winston Mason at Success School of Motoring. My brother's name is Winston and my wife's maiden name is Mason. So with a name like that, plus Success School of Motoring, I said this must be a sign. I contacted Winston and signed on with Success School of Motoring.
Winston is a brilliant instructor - calm with the patience of Job. With his excellent tutoring, at age 64 years and 8 months, I passed my test first time with only three minor faults which I thought was brilliant. Big thanks from me and my family to Winston and Success School of Motoring."

Best wishes and thanks again

Wendy and Owen


Owen Smith

Winston, thank you very much for all of your help you’ve been a great instructor!  Winston is always calm and patient and makes sure that you are a safe and careful driver, I passed my test today and I feel confident about driving on the roads on my own thanks to Winston.  I would definitely recommend Winston to anyone who’s looking to learn how to drive, he’ll teach you really well and always encourage you to drive the best that you can, and he makes driving lessons enjoyable! Thanks again Winston!



Anna Blair

Where can i start well first of all thank you very much Winston for being such a great instructor. I have had three instructors in all and i have to say Winston was / is the best today 28th of July 2016 i can say i have passed my driving test thanks to a man who was always pushing me to do the best and learn the best way to drive without making many errors. I can not explain how happy i am to have passed it has not been easy for me what so ever. But finally i have made it i will never forget this day and will always recommend Winston to anyone i know is looking for an instructor , thank you Winston and thank you for loving chocolate too ,and always ready for a laugh

Andreia Costa Dias

Hello Winston. I just want to take this time to thank you for your all support, encouragement & everything you've done for me over this period of time. It's been a tough journey and I wouldn't have been able to complete it without you. You kept pushing me, even when I was ready to give up. If I had the chance to choose another Instructor, I'd still choose you and would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn how to drive because you're not an Instructor just to earn a living, you do it out of your own will and kind heart to help people succeed! Thanks again

Lamara Djalo

If there were University for driving instruction, Winston Mason would have a PhD. This man seriously has his act together and he doesn’t miss a trick! He is a veteran, a master in his field, exuding expertise and knowledge. Whilst he may have been teaching for years, he is not jaded or stuck in his ways, but endeavours to constantly keep up to date with the latest methods and technology for teaching pupils from all backgrounds and levels of ability. He tailors his approach to suit individual needs, tracks progress each week, plans ahead for your next lesson and ends each session with “Winston’s final thought” where you evaluate together how the lesson has gone. Most importantly he takes time to show his pupils that it’s not just about operating a vehicle; it’s about being mentally ready to drive on the road safely, with patience, forward planning and consideration.

I was taken on after making little progress and developing some quite poor driving habits with a previous instructor (no mirrors, no hand-break and constantly cruising the clutch…). What a difference it was being taught by Winston! Through a lot of effort and focused hard work I was able to pass my practical test first time and with only 1 minor! Driving is a life lesson, and it feels like a huge accomplishment. Thank you for your enthusiasm, positivity and generous approach, always giving 100% to each lesson. And, I wont forget all those phrases when driving in the future - always “slow before you know”, “peep and creep”, “patience”, “confidente”!

Hattie Allen

A part of me is a little gutted I have finally passed as that means i will no longer be getting into your car to hear your old man music and jokes that ACTUALLY make me laugh. What makes your teaching so excellent is that you don't take no short cuts, your goal is to make everything perfect without rushing. If there is one thing you taught me (as well as driving), is to be patient. Thank you very much Winston for putting up with me for the time you taught me to be a safe and pleasant driver, I will see you on the Road!!l

Oliver Daly

As Winston would say, Jeez and Peace! I have finally passed my driving test

Learning to drive with Winston has been a real pleasure. While my road to driving success has been long, winding, and at times even painful (I think for both of us), thanks to Winston I feel safe and confident in my driving ability. His patience, professionalism and calm mean that I have developed driving skills and good habits that will stay with me forever.

If anyone is looking to learn to drive then I 1000% recommend Success School of Motoring. As well as learning how to drive, you will also learn a whole load of bad jokes (at no extra cost)!  Winston is a real gentleman and a terrific instructor, and again, it has been a real pleasure learning to drive with him. 

Thank you Winston and see you on the road!



William Harding

Winston is such a great driving instructor that a part of me was almost disappointed when I passed first time, because it meant we would no longer be having weekly laughs lessons! He is the perfect mixture of calm and comedy - always ready to reassure or to crack a joke at just the right time to improve confidence. His end goal is creating safe drivers, rather than just test-passers. If everyone learnt with Winston, our roads would be much safer.

Winston – thank you so much

Rosie Carpenter

If you see yourself driving in your first car, looking for that independence and you are serious about taking that next step then Winston will make sure you pass your test!! Old school is always the best in my opinion he has years of experience fully committed to his job and he takes it serious, my experience personally with winston will be one that  will be missed, I've never met someone who is so dedicated to making sure he gives the best to his pupils even on a day you don't seem to have concentration, a reminder of why your learning and light lecture you will get from Winston to keep you on your toes! His techniques of how he teaches you to drive will stay with you forever, learning his way you can never go wrong!! As much as you want to pass your test he wants you to pass too.......the day of my test the happiness in winstons face and the congratulations I received from him gave me a warm feeling and gave me that final confirmation that using him to learn to drive was the best decision I ever made, I mean how can you go wrong when the eagerness to drive is equally  a match to winstons eagerness to make sure you learn!! He always says how you drive reflects on him and he is very proud of his work, so like I said so he will teach you the right way! That saying in life "you get what you pay for" well you definitely won't be disappointed he was worth every penny!!! What a brilliant driving instructor!! Thank you winston for your time it was emotional ️xxx

Jenny Rose

Patience, patience lettie! Famous words of Winston Mason!
I swear he preached to me every lesson,? From sitting in the back seat on my mother's driving lessons to now in the drivers seat myself was quiet nerve racking but I was anxious. It has defintely been a long time coming, but the 3 main things I've learnt are concentration, observarion and patience is key to drive safely on the roads, and after a while of learning constant battling with myself with the silly mistakes and Winston repeating over and over, I am extremely pleased and relived to have passed my driving test, although not first time, it has definitely made me a better, confident and more aware driver. Nonetheless my journey with success school of motoroung has ended here, and I will definitely miss the wise words and old folk jokes Winston would try tell me and his stories and not to mention his wide variety choice of music lol, trust me you'll be suprised the kinda music he listens to when it's jus him and Lola! (The school car) But i would really like to thank you, for all that you've done for me, how patient and Lola have been to me, so thanks again and hope for more success in the new year! X

Leteefah Brown

Thank you Winson for helping me over come  driving now that I have passed I believe I can achieve anything. Even though I was lazy at times in lessons you still believe in me, I really appreciate your encouragement and support.
Thank you very much again. xx

Travisha Ebanks

Well well well where to start haha I started lesson back in March and didn't
really know what to expect having never been on the driving side of car let
alone knowing you had to put the clutch down to start a car Lool but with
winston I found a very very very patient person who didn't mind repeating
himself and that something I won't be missing hah ( focus Ismael focus
concentrate ) he made sure I always stayed alert and safe for myself and
other users.
I can finally sleep past 9:30 thanks god Lool but the only down side would be
that he supports Chelsea :(

Thanks again winston for your patience !!

Ismael Ido

"Having reached the age of 33 without even knowing how to start a car, I thought I would never be able to drive. So to end up passing my test first time (with only 2 minors!) is tribute to Winston's skill, patience and sensitivity as an instructor. He is a cool guy, occasionally quite dapper, plays nice tunes in the car and is an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend him." Thanks so much Winston! It was great being able to tell Hannah and my parents that I'd passed first time. See you on the roads! 

Daniel Reardon

Having lesson’s with Winston has been great. When I first began to drive I was quite nervous, but Winston has taught me how to overcome that. He has taught me how to be confident and safe when driving (if you don’t know, go slow). Our lesson’s are never boring as Winston is always cracking jokes or telling a story. Winston has really supported me as he has helped me to pass my theory test with flying colours and pass my practical test, first time around. Winston has made driving simpler than I thought;I am very grateful for that.

Thank You Winston AKA Mate.
Jada Manderson

Its been a long journey but it was definitely worth the wait, winston has been a great instructor. He doesnt just teach you how to drive, he teaches you how to drive SAFELY!!! and i sure will be using what he taught me out on the road.
Thanks winston 

Taylor Reiss-Mackey
I started with Winston around December and had to have a break after a motorcycle crash. But once i was back in March, Winston has been enormously patient with me, with my motorcycle mind, he took the time to teach me to drive in a safe manor! I took my driving test on my birthday (22/06) and passed first time with just 2 minors! While learning to drive, he made me laugh, I could actually have a chat with him and at no stage did I ever feel uncomfortable. I was with 2 other instructors before Winston and I  didn't feel any comfortable doing anything! I could only be grateful for everything, for letting me drive 'Lola' the car and letting me see footage of my driving with 'Kim' the camera! - Now he knows well this would be coming, The only negative part has to be... HE SUPPORTS CHELSEA??? Other than that 11/10!!
Micael Dinis

I passed first time with Winston and I will be forever grateful for the work he has done with me to get there.
It was very random that I found Winston as I just looked for a local driving instructor and his name came up. I thought I would try one lesson first to see how that went but just from the first lesson I was hooked. Winston is definitely  the best driving instructor I've had and from the first lesson  I knew that he would not only help me to pass but teach me how to be a great driver.
I couldn't ask more in a driving instructor. Winston is very patient and always encouraging and positive . There was a time when I thought I wouldn't get this driving thing because of nerves but week after week Winston helped me by going though the specific things that I found difficult he is very good at identifying what needs to be done for each individual person.
The lessons were definitely enjoyable and I would highly recommend Winston to anyone who wants to learn how to drive based on my own experience. I still can't believe the weekly driving lessons are over it's still sinking in, thank you again Winston.

Mary Okunnuga
"I have never been interested in learning to drive.  I have always been close enough to work and transport is great in London. I have never NEEDED to learn. But now, I  have a little boy. He is 9 years old and I hate that I can't take him out wherever,  whenever. I am doing this for him". This is how my lessons with Winston started. Got my jump start with a Groupon voucher. I was petrified! Lessons were going alright till my knee gave out  costing me a 1 year break. Winston was probably as surprised as me when I restarted. It wasn't  as bad as I thought it would've been - kinda like learning to ride a bike, you never really forget- and he wasted no time in getting me back to my pre- break level. And so we kept moving forward. This man possesses a level of patience that is unrivalled. I know that I was hard work sometimes but he never made me feel rushed or pressured, but also never held me back. He was firm but never condescending and super encouraging.  He tailored my lessons to me and not himself. I remember when he told me that he would decide when when I was ready for my practical. With anyone else, I would have probably questioned their motives money wise but I just never got that self- serving vibe from him. Anyway, fast forward to today...I PASSED!!! Hours later, I am still elated!  And my motivation, my son, is ever so proud of me which is the best feeling in the world. Winston made me feel at ease with his Jamaican accent, ol' school soulful music, jazz and classical,  and even when he silently controlled my speed by waving his index finger mostly without realising he was actually doing it.  That usually gave me the giggles! I will miss our weekly sessions and fully intend to join him again for Pass Plus lessons. Can't get rid of me so easily Mr. Mason!  To those up and coming, you have chosen well. To you Winston, for what I have achieved today, you are my hero! Thank you! X
Natasha Olibert
I started lessons with Winston after having a two failed tests with AA and one with Red. Passing the first time round (with one minor!) with Winston isn't really a surprise looking back, as he is an amazing instructor. However, when I first started with Winston, I lacked in confidence and had loads of bad habits that needed correcting. During our lessons, Winston would always pull me up on my habits and has made me a safer and more confident driver. 
I can honestly say, Winston is the best instructor in London. His sense of humour, patience - and most of all, belief in his students are second to none. I will always hear his voice in my head when I'm driving my own car.. "Watch the gap, not the car" "Respect the roundabout!".
Thank you so much for your time, patience and your jokes Winston, I still can't believe you put up with me for so long. I really will miss you!
PS. I'll look forward to my copy of your book!!
Charlene Strachan 
Thank you Winston!!!!


Charlene Strachan