THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER!! Winston has taught me so many different techniques which I can carry out when driving on the road without pulling too many faces!! His knowledge on the road is like no other. Winston has encouraged me to be the best I could be whilst driving especially in London!! His passion as well as determination for his students is encouraging as he wants us all succeed the first time round. He has had  a lot of patience with me, as I have had my fair share of good and bad days. I would have not passed first time round without Winston’s support and belief in me and I cannot thank him enough.Success School of Motoring is the place to get your full driving licence. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thank you once again Winston.

Khaleda Begum

Winston has been fantastic, very patient and really good instructor. He has a very good and effective teaching method (whatever you think is the right way, just follow what he teaches you and you will pass!).
Cannot recommend him enough. Do not waste your time and money with other larger driving schools (I made that mistake).
Thanks again Winston!!

Laurent Dilaj

I finally did it!   I said to Winston I’ve known you since my 30’s and leaving in my 40’s !! that’s how much patience he has, if you don’t give up on yourself he won’t give up on you. Ive enjoyed his quotes of” if you don’t know don’t go!” As well as his many funny stories and his classical music but all this is done to keep you calm and focused . He doesn’t just teach you to pass your test he teaches you how to drive properly and take care of your car . Through laughs,  cries,all my questions and back chats he didn’t give up and for that neither did I. Thank you … …!

Louise Leatham

Learning with Winston at the “Success School Of Motoring” has been a long journey full of hard work, but with the help of Winston and his non stop sarcasm, I was able to pull through and succeed at the end. When driving with Winston he’ll be sure to speak to the entire city of London and it’s siblings as there is not one person or other instructor that he doesn’t know. The journey was tiring and a little emotional at times but with Winston sticking by me and always ensuring I do what needs to be done to improve my driving I was able to achieve the desired result. Thank you for everything Winston.

Ethan Odiete

When I started learning to drive I had no prior experience and needed to learn quick. Winston took his time with me and taught me how to be a safe and good driver. He gave me videos I could use to help me with my parking and also would be patient with me if I was struggling with something. He’s the best driving instructor anyone could have no doubt. I passed my driving test with one minor all thanks to Winston. Wish him and his company many more years of success & growth

Edmond Osei

Driving hasn’t been the most easiest or straightforward. It took me a while to actually gain the confidence each lesson, to remember what was covered in the previous ones and move forward. That’s mostly because I was in and out of routine-I had a few breaks in between and I’m talking months. So, I’ll advise you to stay on it and just get it done. But despite all that, (uncle) Winston still had faith and patience in me. And that I’d pass, and soon. It’s going to be difficult to forget all the chit chats, laughs, cries, music…everything.
A win for us, is a win for him too. I’m happy to have continued the tradition and grateful to have had you (Winston) to guide me. So thanks.
Passing first in Winston’s new car allows me to name the car and I’ve chosen the word ‘choice’.
It has 5 out of 8 letters of my name
Driving ‘choice’ will allow you to reflect on your choices. Think about what you want and go for it.
You’ve chosen the right instructor.

Chantice Ebanks-Clarke

Winston is the only driving instructor you’ll need.  He took me from being an absolute beginner to passing my test, and from start to finish he brought a level of precision and experience that I think I’d find difficult to match in another teacher.  On a personal level, Winston is also genuinely invested in his pupils’ fortunes and even when I had a bad lesson he was always ready to pick up and reset my confidence when the next lesson came.  It’s also obvious that he is incredibly well-regarded by his fellow instructors; lessons rarely went by without at least one thumbs-up or tooted horn from another car.  In all seriousness – Winston is a LEGEND and I’ll look forward to spotting him driving round Lewisham for years to come. 

Craig Curran

Getting on the road had been an unfulfilled goal for me for some time. After a couple of false starts I found Success SoM – Winston and checked out his website; I saw that the school was a family business which was connected to SE London. After seven months of lessons I was confident enough to pass my theory test & Winston’s website and in car guidance helped. I continued my practical lessons and found that Winston was always punctual, straightforward and also kept his word, all things that helped me manage a busy schedule and pursue my goal. A true perfectionist, he helped me iron out bad habits and feel less anxious about being on the road amongst the traffic. After consistent effort and lots of lessons I took and passed my test first time. I thank Success SoM – Winston and recommend their services to one and all. 

Idris Ahmed

A very attentive, patient instructor who will improve your driving down to the smallest detail help you become the best driver you can be, and a great character.

Dylan Young

Winston is a storied name in history. The likes of Churchill, Bogarde, the nodding dog from the insurance adverts, all have found their way into the hearts and minds of millions. Perhaps none, however, overcame such a gargantuan mountain of a task as our hero, Winston Mason, when he coached this young man to passing his driving test. Against all the odds, against ineptitude and impulsiveness, Winston utilised his effortlessly hilarious demeanour, expertise and perseverance to iron out the wrinkles and provide a world class service; enabling me to pass on my second attempt. Thank you very much Winston, I’ll miss our weekly lessons, and although I hope your future pupils won’t prove quite so troublesome, I’m sure you’ll guide them to achieving their driving dream with all the charm, coolness and camaraderie with which you guided me to that aim. THANK YOU WINSTON!

William Radford

Winston is the best driving instructor you’ll find in South London. Not only does he teaches you to drive, he also teaches you to be safe. His excellent techniques will stay with you well beyond your driving test!

Martha Murphy Badger

Winston was a fantastic teacher for me. I found it really difficult trying to get up to a test-ready standard but Winston kept pushing me to stay focussed and keep trying. In hindsight, this was really good because I managed to pass first time (despite the odds). I think having regular lessons with Winston was really beneficial as it kept my progress at a constant speed, I didn’t feel I had to go back and re-learn things often. Best of luck in the future and a very big thank you!

Inigo Maciejewski

I want to say a massive thanks to Winston for helping me pass first time. I sure wasn’t the easiest to teach, with a lack of patience and too much panic. But with Winston’s calm expertise and solid chat I was able to pass first time, after he did the same with my brother a year prior. He’s one of the best teachers out there and I hope plenty more people have the pleasure of being taught by him.
All the best,

Thomas Coyne

Winston has been a guiding force in my house for several years now, kindly and carefully steering both my daughters through the process of learning to drive, instilling them with confidence as well as good driving habits that I hope will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  If you want a driving instructor who claims to be able to get you through your test in double quick time, and will probably just be setting you up to fail, Winston is not your man. But if you want someone who is calm and positive, with a good sense of humour, whose lessons you will enjoy and who really does care about making sure you can drive safely and with confidence, and who will not put you forward to take your test until he knows you are ready and capable of passing, Winston would always be my first choice. Success School of Motoring is very well named!  2 out of 2 first time passes for my daughters, and Winston must take a huge part of the credit for that.


Thank you so much Winston for making me such a confident and capable driver. It took me about four years to learn how to drive as I began learning when I was seventeen but stopped after a few months; then started again in summer 2017 and finally I began my last stint of lessons in autumn 2018 – passing with no minors when I was 21. Throughout all the years of my lessons with Winston he has been an encouraging and calm presence in the car whilst always pushing me to be a better driver. I would recommend him to ANYONE, and as it happens my mum has done just that. 

Ellie Blair

Well Winston we’ve come to the end of the road, and what an eventful road it’s been! Just wanna say thank you for teaching me how to drive and helping me to pass at the 1st time trying. Have to say Winston is one hell of a teacher and has given me the confidence needed to be a good/safe driver. Thanks for passing your knowledge on to me and now that I’m on the road I can see you was in fact always right lol! Much love to Success School Of Motoring, you fully live up to the name and I’ll always speak highly of you and recommend you to learner drivers. 
All the best Harry Straughan 
Ps. See you on the road 

Harry Straughan

Thanks a lot, Winston!
I’m amazed at how far I’ve come, from gripping the wheel too tight, holding my breath and being scared to drive a car, to becoming a confident driver and passing my test.  You supported and guided me all the way through.  You’re a great teacher, I know even though you won’t be in the car with me anymore, your words of wisdom will always be with me as an independent driver.
My sister swore by you and she was right.  Thank you! 

Lance Wainwright

Thank you Winston, I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and I’ll remember them for as long as I’m on the road. The fact I could pass first time given how hesitant I was in the beginning is a testament to you as a teacher, and it won’t be the same driving without you in the passenger seat. However as the baitest instructor in South London I don’t doubt I’ll see you around on the roads soon. Thanks for everything.

Ajani Wilmot

I just want to say a big thank you Winston for your support and your wonderful advice during each lesson. Whilst we are driving around it is clear to see that you are a local legend, everyone around the Lewisham area knows you. Your vast knowledge of your job makes it easy to understand you. You really have the recipe to teach anyone how to drive. I would be more then happy to recommend you to anyone that needs to learn to drive. Keep up the good work you are doing, all the best.

Rumel Pinnock

Here we are then…
Winston Mason. The man, the myth, the flat cap. I started out a complete novice, not knowing a dipstick from a dip-light. With Winston’s patience, humour, a glovebox full of catchphrases – ‘20’s plenty’, ‘confidenté’ (which I’m still not convinced is Italian for confidence) – and the radio forever tuned to Solar FM; he taught me how to drive.
He’s a proper legend. You won’t go a lesson without an ex-pupil beeping at him or rolling down the window at the traffic lights and shouting ‘Winston!’
…Just don’t let it go to his head. ‘Yes Winston, you did mention you were on the telly’…
Thanks for everything, see you around.
And I look forward to reading my chapter in your memoirs!

Daniel West

Big thanks to Winston! I very much enjoyed our lessons. I have been driving for over 15 years outside this country and had to re-do the test in the UK and found it a bit tricky dealing with some of my old bad habits. But now I am convinced that every driver should go though this every 10-15 years…
Winston will point out to the right things, make sure you get into the habit of doing everything the right way. Big smile and a pleasure to talk to. I’d most definitely recommend success school of motoring to anyone keen to not just pass the driving exam, but learn tons on safe & efficient driving.

Nikola Trajkov

The end of an era, and it’s still going to take some time getting adjusted to life without Winston’s driving lessons. As I’ve finished my degree and begun looking for jobs, Winston has been a rare constant in my life, and I also have no doubt that his repertoire of classic catchphrases will be constantly in my mind during my future as a driver – ‘look at the gap, not the vehicles’, ‘let knowledge take over, not fear’, ‘don’t add too many ingredients’ etc., the list goes on …. It might sound naff, but Winston doesn’t see his pupils as a mere means to an end – he always stresses the importance of genuine understanding of the driving experience, not letting you wing it on lucky competence.

I can say sincerely that it’s been a pleasure getting to know Winston, and while it was frustrating to fail a few tests before I reached the finish line, the upside was that it gave me more time to listen to Winston’s anecdotes and (often dubious) jokes.

Seamus Conlon

As if we managed to get me to pass first time! Can’t believe we have come to an end and our divorce is finalized but we had some good memories on the way! I don’t think any other instructor would have been able to calm my “crazy personality and nerves” as you say to stop me from panicking on the roads but you did and gave me confidence!

Thank you so much for all the laughter, stress and patience you have had with me! and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need with a driver! I know i said i would steal you forever for my driving but because of your fabulous teaching i can finally go out on my own – Thank youuuu Winston it has been fabulous i wish you all the best and pupils whom appreciate your jokes so they do not have to be thrown out the window!

Rebecca Smith

Hey there! I couldn’t work out how to post it direct on your site so here it is:

Winston. What a man?! He’s tolerant, encouraging, entertaining and, above all, an absolute professional. I cannot recommend this driving instructor enough. I was a very cautious driver and Winston really took the time to understand my learning style and tailor my lessons accordingly. I couldn’t believe it when I passed first time but Winston had every confidence. And did you know he’s the 4th Bee Gee? I didn’t until he broke out his rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for a surprise lesson my friends had bought me.

Happy birthday to you too Wince.

Jodie x

Jodie Webb

I have passed my test today thanks to Winston’s teaching. I remember my mum learning with Winston when I was younger and she made sure I also learned with Winston as she said he is the best.

When I started I was a beginner and had never driven before, Winston changed my outlook from being a nervous driver (even more nervous to find out he was a Chelsea fan lol) to one who is now confident on the road thanks to his teaching. It has been a wonderful journey and at times frustrating for Winston I can imagine, I will always remember asking me “If I had lead in my right foot” lol.

Winston is a fair, firm and fun instructor who makes sure his pupils do the best that they can do, he made me feel welcome and I knew he was also there if I needed anything or had any questions. I would recommend him to anyone. I will miss our and lessons and jokes together and I can not only call him my instructor but also my friend.
Thanks again for everything.

Eugene Neil

Today I passed my driving test, and I have to say Winston is the best guy for the job. Not only does he teach you how to drive but he makes sure you understand it! Like Winston has apps on his iPad (got to love him) that helps consolidate what he just told you. It helps so much!

He makes you feel comfortable in the car, believe me you’ll catch the most jokes from him. He’s helped me ALOT and I’ve had my moments, but the best thing about Winston is that he’s real with you, if you wanna learn how to drive and drive safely, and make a few jokes on your journey… Success School of Motoring is the one for you!

Ps: Dont think you’ve got rid of me Winston, coming back for motorway lessons 😀

Marni Straughan